Best 5 places to Camp in Wisconsin

Fall camping in Peninsula State Park

Fall camping in Peninsula State Park

So you want to go camping, eh? Well here's your guide for Wisconsin! Time to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and get out in the woods! Here are the top 5 camping spots in Wisconsin based on my own experiences and research. We typically camp anywhere from 3-6 times each year with most of those trips being in Wisconsin. I also should add that these reviews are based on TENT camping and not so much with RV or other methods. 

1. Peninsula State Park - Door County, Wisconsin

With it's many hiking trails and scenic views, Peninsula State Park is a great place to camp while on a vacation in Door County, Wisconsin. Just about 1 Million people visit this state park per year. This state park is 3/4 surrounded by Lake Michigan.

Reasons to camp there:

  1. Location in Door County. Fish Creek is located towards the northern part of the peninsula. You can be to the Northport ferry in 27 minutes, Cana Island in 23 minutes, and to Cave point or Whitefish dunes in 26 minutes!

  2. The hiking and view points at Peninsula are spectacular!

  3. Great kayaking and views from Lake Michigan.

Cons of camping there:

  1. The amount of people. It's very crowded in the busy season due to how good of a park it is. Many people avoid this park and camp in Newport state park because of this.

  2. Campsites can be pretty close together at some points.

2. Wyalusing State Park

Wyalusing State Park Camping

Reasons to camp there:

  1. THE VIEWS! If you somehow snag one of the hard to get first come, first serve locations you'll be camping on top of a bluff overlooking the confluence of the Wisconsin River and the Mississippi River!

  2. The location has some incredible hiking with even more views. The trails are very well maintained and marked. If you hike all of the trails at this park you can take a short drive over to Iowa and do some hiking to views and a waterfall at Pike's Peak state park! There are also canoes/Kayaks available for rent.

  3. This area along the Mississippi river is one of the most beautiful places in the US during the fall. It's also less packed camping. I suggest coming here when the leaves are changing.

  4. Wyalusing means "home of the warrior", That's cool enough on it's own.

Cons of camping there:

  1. Very hard to get the good campsites due to the popularity. The best sites are first come first serve with the views. If you end up getting a reservable site you'll be very close to other people and without any views. So obviously I suggest going in the off season or going during the week when there are less people to take the good spots!

  2. If you're not on the main campground you do not get showers and you have to drive/bike to the main campground to clean off.

3. Devils Lake State Park


Reasons to camp there

  1. The incredible hiking trails and views in the park. Devils lake is easily one of the most popular state parks in the state. You can hike up both sides of the park for incredible views overlooking the lake or you can canoe/kayak on the lake for views of the bluffs. The park also has some very cool land structures such as balanced rock and elephant rock. Easily one of the most Instagram worthy spots.

  2. The area around Devil's Lake is incredible as well with places like the Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo, Parfrey's Glen, Pewits nest, and more! You'll never run out of things to do if you camp here. 

Cons of camping there

  1. Like most of my cons so far this park also gets VERY packed in the busy season. Especially since it's so close to Madison. Out of all the places to camp on this list, Devils lake is by far the most crowded place to visit.

  2. Not always very clean due to trouble keeping up with all of the visitors it receives each year. This is only an issue during peak season.

4. Governor Dodge State Park

Reasons to camp there:

  1. Less packed than it's neighbor Devils Lake state park and most of the other campgrounds on this list.

  2. Lots of fantastic hiking to do here that's accessible year round. Very well maintained trails and also some very good information to learn on the hikes.

  3. There's a waterfall! It's really the only waterfall in this part of the State. In the winter people ice climb near it!

  4. Great facilities and generally the campgrounds offer plenty of space.

Cons of Camping there:

  1. Not as many crazy overlooks and views as some of the parks in Wisconsin

  2. They had a major raccoon problem last time I went there. This can be avoided by adequate clean up after cooking and storing food correctly.

5.  Amnicon Falls State Park


Reasons to camp there:

  1. Waterfalls! This is one of the best areas in Wisconsin to check out waterfalls. There is Amnicon upper and lower falls in the park itself, there's Manitou falls within 25 minutes of the park, and several other waterfalls around an hour from this park. You are also able to swim under the waterfalls at Amnicon falls, which is super fun!

  2. The location is right near superior which is a great location for hiking! Duluth is less than an hour from here, Nicolet National forest, as well as Bayfield for going to the Apostle Islands for some incredible views!

Cons of Camping there:

  1. Only 36 available campsites

  2. Really small in comparison to the other campgrounds so easily filled up and not much to do if you stay in the park itself. I recommend taking day trips to other amazing spots nearby.